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Abstract: An online web service system for a pedigree analysis was constructed. In this service, coefficients of parentage, inbreeding coefficients, numbers of ancestors in the pedigree, etc., are calculated through online. Crossing records of modern Japanese cultivars of rice, wheat, barley, potato, sweet potato and strawberry are also provided. Users can add thier own data to the record and use this system freely. Pedigree complexity of modern cultivars and pedigree relationship between them can be expressed as numerical data. Several informative results were obtained, although there is a restriction of computing time. Some modern rice cultivars in Japan have 500-1000 total ancestors and have a high coefficient of parentage to Koshihikari but they still have a high value to old cultivars, Norin 1 and Norin 22. Using this web system, complicated modern cultivars can be numerically expressed by numerals, which can be used for further analysis of the correlation with agronomic characters.
Key words : Ancestor, CGI, Coeffi cient of inbreeding, Coeffi cient of parentage, Crossing record, Pedigree analys
Abstract : The efficiency of selection for early maturing, short culm and long panicle in a pearl millet population ICMV89074 was evaluated. It was possible to evaluate the efficiency of selection in a year because the materials selected in Japan were evaluated in Indonesia. Heritability values estimated by the genetic gain were 0.36 for heading / maturing date, 0 . 59 for culm length and 0 . 41 for panicle length. Thus, the selection was effective for all traits. The genetic and phenotypic correlations for panicle length vs. heading / maturing data were ‒0 . 38 and ‒0.97, respectively, and those for panicle length vs. culm length, they were 0.24 and 0.73, respectively. In this population, a long panicle plant tended to be early heading / maturing and a short panicle plant tended to be a short culm.
Key words: Adaptability, Genetic correlation, Genetic gain, Heritability, Pearl millet, Shortening of breeding cycle.
  • Tomohiko Yoshida, Anas, Santi Rosniawaty and Ridwan Setiamihardja. 2009. Genetic Background of Indonesia Rice Germplasm and its Relationship to Agronomic Characteristics and Eating Quality. Jpn. J. Crop. Sci. 78: 335 – 343.

Abstracts: Recent rice cultivars in Indonesia have more than 2000 ancestors in the pedigree, and shows a very complicated pedigree. IRRI cultivars accounted for the largest part of the genetic background of the Indonesian cultivars. Five ancestors (Dee-geo-woo-gen, Cina, Latisail, Gampai, Tadukan) contributed, collectively, 46.1 % of the gene pool. The Indonesian rice field having the genetic background of IR64, which was estimated from the acerage of cultivars grown in Indonesia and the kinship to IR64, was 50.6 % of the total rice field. By cluster analysis using coefficients of parentage, the Indonesian cultivars were divided into 5 groups. Cisadane and Ciapus could be used as cross parents for higher yield. The IR8 group had a light grain weight, and was not a promising cross parent for high yield. Combining ability of IR8 might be different from other cultivars. The Sintanur group had a good aroma, and the Kalimas group had a poor eating quality.
Key words: Coefficient of parentage, Genetic background, Indonesia rice cultivars, Pedigree analysis, Rice.

  • Yoshiharu Wada, Nono Carsono, Anas, Ly Tong and Tomohiko Yoshida. 2009. Genetic Transformation of the High Molecular Weight Glutenin (Glu-1DX5) to Rice cv. Fatmawati.Plant. Prod. Sci. 12(3):341-345(2009.7).

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